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This 1954 Taylor AEROCAR is one of only five ever built. It is the only vehicle in the United States that is both air and roadworthy with full FAA certification. Developed by aeronautical engineer Moulton (Molt) Taylor, the AEROCAR is the quintessential vision of the flying automobile. Powered by a Lycoming 0-320 engine, the 320ci naturally aspirated H4 produces 150hp. While set in “car mode,” the giant rear-mounted engine sends drive to the front wheels, and in “aircraft mode,” a Hartzell two-blade HA12 UF propeller pushes it through the air. While on the road, the wings, propeller and fuselage are towed behind via an 8-foot trailer and can be attached in under 30 minutes. The cabin seats two abreast, and both car and aircraft controls are integrated seamlessly. A 300-mile cruising range with a 100 mph cruising speed highlight the aircraft’s prowess in the air. With 15,254 miles and 781 flight hours, this is an incredible artifact of transportation history.