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The Tupolev A-3 Aerosledge is an all-metal amphibious aerosledge, designed to transport passengers and light freight in remote areas of the Soviet Union. Highly original. Matching-numbers MP14 9-cylinder 12-liter engine producing 365hp and driving a single 6-foot-2-inch twin-bladed propeller with 365 hours. Two sets of propellers; one is original and one is restored. The A-3 Aerosledge has a hull built of riveted metal alloy construction using 2mm D-16T plates and profiles. The craft's ribs, stringers and plates are also of D-16 Duraluminium. Traverse bulkheads divide the craft into three watertight compartments. The craft was designed to remain afloat with one flooded compartment. Double plating is employed for the hull bottom to strengthen it for crossing ice and snow. It includes the original Russian title and papers as provenance. **SOLD ON BILL OF SALE**