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  • J-586/2611
  • The last complete car ever ordered and sold by Duesenberg while it was still a manufacturer
  • Featured at the 1936 New York Auto Show and, at a cost of $17,000, was the most expensive vehicle on display and would be the final Duesenberg show car
  • Purchased new by Conkey Whitehead, then-president of Coca-Cola
  • Later purchased by jazz musician Charles Kyner
  • In Kyner's retention for 46 years
  • Acquired by Richard Dicker of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company following Kyner's passing
  • Comprehensive restoration completed in 1990
  • ACD Category No. 1 - Certified Original Car, certificate no. 642811717-2
  • Best in Class: Great Automobiles of the Golden Era at the 2004 Meadobrook Concours
  • AACA Grand National Senior award winner
  • CCCA Premier Senior award winner
  • Previously displayed at the Petersen Museum as part of a six-month Duesenberg exhibit
  • European style bullet-style head and tail lights
  • Pontoon fenders
  • Sloping rear deck
  • Monogrammed trunk bearing Conkey Whiteheads initials with accompanying luggage
  • Glass partition that disappears into the back of the front seat
  • 420/265 HP inline 8-cylinder engine
  • 3-speed manual transmission
  • 153 1/2 inch wheelbase
  • Duesenberg Model J Owner's Companion