Who We Are

AuctionTalk.com is a neutral, third-party site that provides an open discussion of collector car auctions and their offerings. It is completely free and unbiased; you just need an e-mail to sign up and begin participating.

As the line says, AuctionTalk.com is here “to help buyers and sellers get the most from classic car auctions.” The site has three main features. First, it allows buyers, sellers, and enthusiasts to openly discuss auction offerings, before and after the auction. Second, it provides a medium for the exchange of auction support services (detailing, inspecting, etc.). And finally, it gives everyone the ability to discuss classic car auctions in a neutral, public forum.

This site does not provide for buying or selling vehicles; that is done by the auction houses. Any bidding must be done directly through them.

First and foremost, AuctionTalk.com is here to connect buyers, sellers, experts, and enthusiasts as classic car offerings come to auction. This can be of tremendous benefit for everyone. Potential bidders can post questions or concerns relating to a lot they are considering, in order to supplement their due diligence and adjust their bids accordingly. Sellers can directly address questions, augment available information, or provide further history. Experts and enthusiasts can offer third party observations and commentary, allowing everyone to share and learn. It can be very entertaining as well! This site is NOT affiliated with any auction house; everything is independent and unbiased to yield a more honest and transparent auction experience. Solid, genuine offerings will be rewarded through greater presentation and elevated bids, while substandard or deceptive lots can be identified to protect an unsuspecting bidder.

The second purpose of this site is to allow the exchange of auction support services. If you are a seller, perhaps you need your car detailed upon auction arrival? If you are a bidder, maybe you would like an auction vehicle inspected? If you are either, do you need help with shipping? Such requests can be posted for a given auction. Similarly, if you are a provider of such services, you can let people know you are available. This can be especially useful for those participants operating remotely.

And finally, AuctionTalk.com provides a forum for general auction discussions and experiences – good, bad, or indifferent. Want to tell everyone about a must-see offering? A classic auction moment? A great place to eat or a side gathering for certain enthusiasts? It can all be done here at AuctionTalk.com.

Too often we hear about auction fails. Sometimes an honest auction seller is unable to realize full value for their offering and sells at a loss under the pressure of the event. This happens to many first-timers. But even more frequent is the winning bidder who learns their new purchase is not what they expected. Whether the seemingly rare classic is actually a fake, or what looked great at a distance turns out to be a real clunker up close; nasty stuff does happen and can give auctions a bad name. AuctionTalk.com helps level the playing field for everyone.

Easy! Just become a registered user and you can begin posting questions, answers, and comments immediately. All it takes is an e-mail. Of course, you can remain anonymous and just read what others have to say, but don’t be shy. There are plenty of people out there with a wealth of knowledge to share, and the site is much more effective and enjoyable if there is contribution from all.

Please note that only AuctionTalk.com administration can post auction events and lot numbers. This is to ensure the accuracy and consistency of listings. If you would like a particular event or lot added then just ask!

If you are the owner of a vehicle being sold at auction, your AuctionTalk.com user name can be listed as the Verified Owner on the lot discussion page. To do this you will need to submit proof of ownership through the “Become Verified Owner” link. Once completed, the lot discussion page will identify your user name as the Verified Owner. This way other participants will know that answers or information you post for that lot are indeed from the vehicle’s real owner, and not from an imposter.

Spread the word! Anyone who enjoys classic car auctions will benefit from this site. And be sure to participate. Post your questions and answers, even if you’re not a buyer or seller. Provide information that may be helpful to others. AuctionTalk.com works best when everyone contributes.