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This steel-bodied car was designed with performance in mind and authenticity as its driving force. The period-correct restoration was performed in 2006 by Edward's Antique Automobiles, marque professionals and Model T Racer experts. This 1925 Ford Model T Racer sports a completely rebuilt and reconstructed steel boattail race body finished in Bright Racing Green. The reconstructed steel hand-built body followed the original design parameters, including original materials used in the 1920s. The 170ci 4-cylinder engine is a highly modified, California-built, Ford Model T block, fitted with a heavy-duty Ford Model A crankshaft and larger main bearings. The popular and highly sought-after OHV "RAJO" 8-valve head with larger custom intake and exhaust ports top the engine block. A stainless swept exhaust pipe is period-correct and complements the engine with a custom intake and a modern Carter carburetor system. The engine is paired with a 2-speed manual transmission and the complete chassis was rebuilt with standard gearing for fast acceleration and light-footed cornering on the track or pavement. Lowered chassis with front end stabilization, utilizing unique accessory damper. Special Hayes 21-inch demountable wire wheels were freshly respoked and mounted with hard-compound Excelsior brand racing tires, suitable for dirt track use. The Model T uses large drum brakes for ultimate stopping power. Featuring a complete, period-correct interior with ribbed tan leather and trimmed in black metal. The dashboard is solid wood, with minimalist gauges to continue the original look. The steering wheel is wrapped with jute twine for positive grip and period appearance. Presented in Bright Racing Green with RAJO-painted racing logo. This special Ford has participated in the Celebration of Speed at Ormind Beach, FL, in 2006. Additionally, the Model T was invited to and attended the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance in 2008.